Harness the power of natural products

In the fight against antibiotic resistance, we use natural products containing herbal extracts to help strengthen immunity and may be helpful in the treatment of bacterial infections.

Natheal 727® ABIOBAC Forte

In ABIOBAC Forte you will find extracts of thyme, aniseed, milk thistle and garlic, which supports the immune system. However, they are in in much larger quantities than ABIOBAC Prolong. It is therefore mainly used for acute problems.

Natheal 727® ABIOBAC Prolong

Like ABIOBAC Forte, it contains extracts of thyme, aniseed, milk thistle and garlic. In addition adds echinaceawhich acts as an immunity booster. It is therefore suitable for long-term use.
Fighter against antibiotic resistance
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