Support your immunity with the help of nature. NATHEAL 727® ABIOBAC Prolong contains extracts from a range of herbs that help fight bacteria and inflammation, promote digestion and prevents fluid retention. Echinacea also benefits our immunity. That is why NATHEAL 727® ABIOBAC Prolong ideal for long-term use.


Common thyme 
It helps fight bacteria, fungus, diarrhea, bloating or fluid retention in the body.
Bedstraw aniseed
It helps to relieve upper respiratory problems, facilitate coughing or improve digestion.
Thorny needlegrass
It helps to improve metabolism and fight fluid retention in the body.
Garlic kitchen garlic
It helps fight bacteria, promote digestion and immunity.
Purple coneflower (Echinacea)
It helps to strengthen immunity, relieve sore throat and cough and fight viruses and infections.
Recommended price in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy: 1090 CZK
Fighter against antibiotic resistance
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