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 BIONAMED was founded by two long-time friends - a doctor and a pharmacist. They decided to combine your knowledge and create a dietary supplement full of health benefits. And the result of their work is now available to you!

The vision behind the creation of BIONAMED

The creation of BIONAMED started with a simple discussion. A discussion in which three friends talked about the increasingly common antibiotic resistance.
And because they've all been in the medical or botanical fields for many years, looking for solutions in nature. And successfully!
They decided to use its power in cases where antibiotic treatment is not strictly necessary.

As the founder of BIONAMED, urologist Igor Motíl, MD, says:

"The overuse of antibiotics is indeed an extremely serious problem. We have tried to find a solution that can improve this unfavourable situation. The plant kingdom offers an almost infinite number of substances that have antibacterial effects and can therefore be used in certain cases instead of synthetic antibiotics."

And the co-founder of the company, PharmDr. Stanislav Chudík, adds: "Just select suitable plant extracts or choose their combinations with laboratory-verified effects against bacteria and we have a real possibility to effectively reduce antibiotic resistance by using them and at the same time keep classical antibiotics to treat only very serious infections."

Together, the two founders emphasize, "The goal of BIONAMED is not and never will be to produce large quantities of products of all kinds! At BIONAMED, we will always focus on one or two specific goals with potentially significant health and social benefits. In this context, we are currently dealing with the issue of antibiotic resistance and the development of purely natural (plant-based) antibiotics. Other equally important projects are planned for the near future."

What does it mean


NATHEAL is a combination of two English words - natural and healing. It refers to the fact that our dietary supplements are composed of natural remedies that were used for healing by our ancestors. And which contain many beneficial substances. Moreover, the name Nathanel (abbreviated Natheal) means God's gift in Hebrew.


The number 727 refers to the dosage of our products. The substances found in our dietary supplements are absorbed for 12 hours. You can therefore take them twice a day and they work from 7 to 7, phonetically speaking "seven to seven". So whenever you are looking for a natural remedy for daily use, it is NATHEAL 727 the right one.

How NATHEAL 727® products were developed

Hundreds of scientific studies and researches on the effects of various plant extracts against bacteria. That's how much material we've gone through over the years when selecting herbs for NATHEAL 727 dietary supplements.®. And we've added our own knowledge from practice. Thanks to this, we have selected the most suitable plants containing substances that help fight inflammation, bacteria and infections. And they support the body's defences.

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