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Nature itself can be helpful in combating the increasing ineffectiveness of antibiotics!

In the nearly 100 years since their discovery by Alexander Fleming in 1928, antibiotic treatment has undergone a long evolution: 

Breakthrough solution - a common part of treatment - a decrease in effectiveness.

The decline in the effectiveness of antibiotics is mainly due to their overuse, which results in a rapid increase in antibiotic resistance of bacteria. The solution is the judicious use of antibiotics that have their Unquestionable place in the treatment of serious infections and in case of mild or chronic infections Try a return to nature and herbs, which have a variety of beneficial effects on our health.

Products full of nature

In our dietary supplements you will find extracts from herbs that have been used by our ancestors. They contain a range of beneficial substances and help fight antibiotic resistance.

Natheal 727® ABIOBAC Forte

In ABIOBAC Forte you will find extracts of thyme, aniseed, thorn needle and garlic. However, they are in in much larger quantities than ABIOBAC Prolong. You will therefore use it mainly during periods of increased need.

Natheal 727® ABIOBAC Prolong

Like ABIOBAC Forte, it contains extracts of thyme, aniseed, milk thistle and garlic. In addition adds echinaceawhich acts as an immunity booster. It is therefore suitable for long-term use.

Antibiotic resistance: the risk of declining antibiotic effectiveness is increasing

A universal solution and cure for common, minor illnesses. This is how many people perceive antibiotics. Therefore, they sometimes take them even in cases where antibiotic treatment is not strictly necessary. As a result, antibiotic resistance in bacteria is growing rapidly. 
In 2019, 1.27 million people died due to infection with resistant bacteria. 
Experts estimate that the number of deaths caused by antibiotic resistance will rise to 10 million per year by 2050.
In up to 50 % cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics inappropriately or completely unnecessarily. Which reinforces antibiotic resistance.
Surveys have shown that 18 % people take antibiotics without consulting a doctor. They are helping to develop antibiotic resistance.

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"Whom medicine will not heal, nature will heal."

- Hippocrates

Why not just rely on antibiotics

Too much reliance on antibiotics has led to a steady decline in their effectiveness. That is why we should only take them when really needed. And in the case of milder bacterial infections. to use natural remedies with a similar effect and thus also contribute to the fight with antibiotic resistance.

Fighting antibiotic resistance

The use of agents other than antibiotics slows the growth of antibiotic resistance.

Gentler on the body

Natural substances are easily absorbed and do not have a negative effect on the intestinal microflora.

Long-term usable

Thanks to natural ingredients, our dietary supplements are suitable for everyday use.

What it says about antibiotic resistance

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Fighter against antibiotic resistance
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